Branding expert

Angle is a branding and graphic design agency in Auckland, led by branding expert and creative director Rob Holloway. Winning awards is some pretty nice icing, but the ‘cake’ for Angle is working with

clients to help them grow successful brands by solving problems, helping them stand out, building customer loyalty & driving sales. If you need a branding expert contact us.


Why we started

When working in large agencies, Rob noticed a problem. Client budget was paying for lots of internal meeting time and top-heavy teams. Often work ended up being done by junior staff and when input did come from the top, it was sometimes late and required rework – all causing risk to client deadlines and cost to their budget.

Seeing these risks, Rob started his own company, so that client money went only on the best creative talent available. We scratched our heads and asked “how can we make sure that client money buys the best creative input, delivered by experts, but at the same time we become the
lowest risk option in the market?”


The associate model

By forming a company of associates, we offer all the advantages of a full-service agency, with none of the risks (decision by committee, hierarchy, late intervention, compromised creativity, egos and high overheads.

Judging by what our clients say, we’ve come up with a great model, and we’re making a real difference in measurable ways to their businesses.