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Do you need a design team with an excellent track record in high quality packaging? Angle’s creative team apply their knowledge of branding and combine it with their flair for graphic design and their extensive print knowledge to produce outstanding packaging projects. Find out more about our packaging design skills here.

We design packaging with shelf appeal that stands out and helps you to build brand value, cultivate customer loyalty and strengthen sales. Our packaging design process includes initial concepts and packaging mock ups, through to final artwork and production management, whether you need a simple label or a custom made pack.

Angle Limited Auckland Packaging design services Primary Select smoked salmon pack example

Packaging design

We take clients through a logical, staged process from briefing and initial packaging concepts, through to design development and final artwork. We conduct qualitative research or consumer testing if required and oversee print production until the job is delivered. Talk to us and see why we’re ahead of the pack.

Angle Limited Auckland Packaging design services Two Smart Cookies Sticker & label design example

Sticker and label design

We design branded stickers and labels for use on retail product packaging. This is a cost effective way of ‘packaging’ a product, especially if using bags, boxes or other generic containers for your product. With the right design approach we transform ordinary containers into customised packaging with added value.

Angle Limited Auckland Packaging design services Two Smart Cookies Product branding packaged cookies example

Product branding

We create new product brands or evolve existing brands to ensure that they build customer loyalty and drive sales. Our well conceived product brands make it easier for our clients to extend their product ranges, deliver consistent looking, high quality packaging and build an enviable reputation in the market.

Angle Limited Auckland Packaging design services Packaging mock-up example for Primary Select

Packaging mock-ups

We create full size packaging mock-ups to help clients evaluate new designs or for consumer testing, as we progress the creative process. Sometimes we make full 3D packaging mock-ups; sometimes it’s as simple as a label applied to a container. For flat mock-ups we create high quality, life-like Photoshop renderings.

Matt Henzell Managing Director at Farmlands Mathias International

“I couldn’t imagine sitting down with another agency and getting this result. Angle’s approach is the perfect balance between creativity and commercial reality. You gave us confidence as soon as we saw the first concept presentation. From then on, we knew we were working with a special agency.

We were blown away by the feedback from people in the industry and retailers at all levels, including New Zealand’s two major supermarket brands. Our Primary Select brand is well on its way to becoming a brand that people aspire to, after it’s budget origins. The shelf presence is a massive improvement – it’s a big and very positive shift that will increase our sales and allow us to tackle the export market.”

Matt Henzell

Managing Director, Farmlands Mathias International