Brand creation for Earthco Civil

Q: We need to rebrand, can you help?
Angle: From the ground up
Brand creation – the opportunity for Earthco Civil

After 15 years in business, Earthco Civil discussed the opportunity to create a new brand story and brand identity with Angle. We agreed that they needed to demonstrate the capability of a tier 1 civil contractor, but at the same time, keep the personal service approach that sets them apart from the more impersonal, larger companies.

Our brief was to help Earthco Civil become a preferred contractor with their own sustainable position in this busy sector.

Brand creation – the approach

An equal measure of strategy and creativity is vital to any brand creation project. Our process started with some discovery or ground work. We looked at what Earthco Civil had already achieved and discussed where they saw the business in the future. We openly talked about their motivations and what they believed was their point of difference. To complete this initial phase, we talked with some current clients to get honest ‘outside’ opinions.

Next we looked at competitors and their communications. Our analysis of Earthco’s competitors helped us to establish a sustainable position for the rebranded organisation.

The final strategic task was to write a new, authentic brand story. A brand story helps to define a brand – think of it as a brand’s DNA – the core information that describes the brand. The words in our brand story help Earthco Civil’s audience to make an emotional connection with the  brand and establish what makes them unique.

Brand creation – the design solution

Our brand design brings simplicity, clarity and consistency to Earthco Civil.

The new logo design solved some historical issues with the legibility of the word ‘civil’ in the old logo and gives the company a highly visible presence on everything from plant machinery to signage and business cards.

The red section in the logo becomes a useful component in brand communications – strong and recognisable.

A new colour palette (dark grey and red) helps to different Earthco from the main competitors and allows signage to stand out on all plant machinery and vehicles. Red catches your eye, even in small proportions.

The complete ‘brand visual toolbox’ that we designed for Earthco Civil, includes the logo, colours, imagery, typography, graphic elements and language. The unique combination of these brand identity assets suggests established contractor capability, with a down to earth, personal approach. Our ground work has paid off in spades.

What next?

The Earthco Civil brand continues to roll out across signage, print, digital and social channels. The latest addition to their communications is a new interim website(read website case study here).

Branding is a powerful business tool

Do you need help with branding a company, product, service, or experience but you’re not sure where to start? Do you want your brand to stand out, build loyal customers and thrive? Find out about our branding services and how we use branding as a powerful business tool or contact us, we’re experts with a down to earth approach.

Date September 2019
Client Earthco Civil
Country New Zealand
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