Designing a new brand identity for startup business Gita Jayaram Consulting

Q: I’m starting my own business – can you help with branding?
Angle: g + j + c =
About Gita Jayaram Consulting

Experienced consultant Gita Jayaram, contacted Angle to help her create a new brand identity for her startup business. Gita is an expert in change management, culture transformation, talent development, HR strategy, HR implementation and diversity.

Client brief for the new brand

Gita’s brief requested that we design an identity that positioned her as a very experienced consultant among high profile corporate clients in New Zealand. The brief also suggested that the new brand should look ‘gender neutral, reliable, strong and clutter-free.’

The creative solution

The creative solution for the new brand came from three letters – the initials of the new buisness: g + j + c. By combining these three letters into a strikingly simple monogram and adding a distinctive colour palette, the transformation was immediate.

Branding is a powerful business tool

At Angle, we use branding as a powerful business tool to help businesses get noticed. We create emotive brands that change perceptions and ultimately, brands that grow and create value. It’s early days for this new startup but we know we’ve laid the foundations for another successful brand.


Date September 2017
Client Gita Jayaram Consulting
Country New Zealand