Camco Industries Visual Refresh

Q: We do commercial vehicle fitouts, can you help?
Angle: Less is more.

Camco Industries is New Zealand’s leading supplier for commercial vehicle fitouts and fleet fitouts. Based in Cambridge, NZ, Camco design and manufacture high quality products to customise commercial vehicles across a wide range of industries, making the vehicles more professional-looking, safer to work with, more organised and more efficient.

Angle was asked to evaluate Camco’s current marketing collateral and then implement a visual refresh and design a literature system that would be flexible enough to work across flyers, brochures, price lists, advertising, catalogues and banners.

De-cluttering the visual system allows Camco’s products to be the hero and the messaging to be direct and simple in the new designs. Putting less ‘in’ achieves a high quality look and feel that matches the craftsmanship and attention to detail evident in all the products.

Bringing Camco back to their primary colour palette of red, black and white helps to maintain strong brand consistency. A secondary colour palette, a refreshed approach to typography and use of photography completes the visual toolkit.

Date May 2015
Client Camco Industries
Country New Zealand
Size Various sizes of print collateral.
Production Offset print, digital print.