Collaborative Consulting Branding

Q: I don’t want to be another sheep. Can you help?
Angle: Putting our heads together.

The financial planning sector is busy and competitive. There are many, many providers all offering financial advice, planning and investments. Collaborative Consulting want to do things differently and for good reason.

Angle’s brand strategy positions the business as a personal, advice-driven partner rather than a sales-led asset manager. Their expert financial advice helps to manage emotions, not just funds, and this is the key difference. And they focus on the things that really matter – things that are proven to deliver a predictable result.

The new branding is fresh and empowering and suggestive of a collaborative approach between client and adviser. The visual elements communicate the balance of personal empathy and professional logic.

Collaborative Consulting is full of infectious enthusiasm and backed by one of Australia’s largest financial services companies. The Managing Director has achieved world class financial planning qualifications, so he is well placed to secure the futures of his target clients with financial advice.

Date January 2015
Client Collaborative Consulting
Country New Zealand
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