Dunstans Brand

Q: How can you improve our brand?
Angle: We’ll change it without changing it.

When your client has been in business since 1951, you need to be cautious when changing their brand. Step one for Angle was to develop a new brand proposition: ‘Breaking new ground’ followed by a carefully considered evolution of their logo to signal change and overcome some inconsistencies and reproduction issues.

Dunstans is a leading Australian construction company providing construction, engineering, maintenance and industrial services to the telecommunication, resources, energy and infrastructure sectors.

Angle worked with Dunstans to help refresh their brand and the way they present themselves. Updating the logo and creating a new brand visual system was a crucial step in helping them achieve their business growth plans while upholding their strong reputation and well-earned brand equity.

Angle retained their black and yellow colour palette, introduced new typography and a bold, rugged style of imagery and background textures that suited Dunstans down to the ground. The refreshed brand makes Dunstans look very different from their competitors and is an accurate representation of their organization.

Date December 2012
Client Dunstans Construction Group
Country Australia