Farmlands Mathias International Branding

Q: We’ve got two weeks until our merger. What should we do?
Angle: Build on 70 years of trading excellence.

Branding an organisation after a merger is always an exciting opportunity. Angle was briefed by Farmlands Mathias international to create their new identity after the merger of two former companies – Farmlands Industries and Mathias International. This merger followed a reorganisation of the shareholding and management in late 2014.

Angle’s approach was sympathetic to both companies – both very well established and respected international trading brands in the meat and food products sector. The new brand represents a specialist, stable and experienced meat and seafood trading team with over 70 years experience.

After designing the logo and stationery, Angle worked with the management team to create a Trader Conference and Brand Launch presentation. Held at Westpac’s Head Office in Auckland, the presentation was a critical step that introduced traders from their New Zealand and Australian offices to the new brand and portrayed a sense of business as usual.

A mixture of information and entertainment was built into the day’s proceedings. A traders quiz with Farmlands Mathias International $100 notes as prizes and an exercise in branding a performance car with their core markets, suppliers and new brand identity features all helped to familiarise key staff with the new brand and management’s performance expectations.

Date January 2015
Client Farmlands Mathias International
Country New Zealand & Australia