Joint Venture joins two brands together

Client: Dunstans and Cape are forming a Joint Venture to expand
Angle: DCJV
A new Joint Venture

Two of Australia’s leading utilities infrastructure and mining services companies, WA-based Cape and Victorian-based Dunstans, recently formed a Joint Venture to expand their service offering to clients.

The formation of the Joint Venture was made possible after Cape’s owner, the CFC Group, made an investment in the Dunstans business.

Black and yellow

We already knew the Dunstans brand and their communications inside out, having worked with them since 2012. When we were briefed to created the new Joint Venture brand, we discovered that Cape also had a black and yellow brand identity, which meant from our perspective, there was already a visual connection between the two businesses.

Joining forces

What we needed to create was a meaningful way of connecting the two brands together as a single entity. We explored a number of options before we hit upon a simple and clever solution that was right in front of us.

We interlocked the initial letters D & C from Dunstans and Cape to suggest a partnership. We coloured the D in yellow and the C in black so each could still be seen separately. Then we used geometry and symmetry to compose the new brand icon so that the two letters resembled the links in a chain.

The missing link

The chain idea creates a feeling of unity and strength – both ideal characteristics for a newly formed Joint Venture in this sector. When the full name of the JV was added to the right of the D/C symbol, Dunstans and Cape were truly joined together as Dunstans Cape Joint Venture.

The beauty of this brand identity is its simplicity and boldness. It is highly visible and memorable. Repeating the D/C symbol allowed us to create a chain-like graphic that is used as a hero image on hoardings, proposals, business cards and other communications.

The two companies now work together (as well as separately) sharing expertise and equipment to deliver larger projects across Australia, while offering greater career opportunities for staff. The tie up also expands each company’s service offering and capacity.

Cape CEO Peter Rowles said:

“When you consider the number of large and small contracts successfully delivered by Cape and Dunstans, it is an imposing project resume.”

Dunstans Owner Murray Dunstan said:

“The opportunity to join forces with Cape is exciting. We have collaborated and competed for the same types of projects over a number of years, so we are well placed to bring both businesses together when joint venture opportunities present themselves.”

Additional Information

Dunstans is a third generation, family-owned leading company providing design, engineering, construction and maintenance services to the resources, energy and infrastructure sectors. Operating since 1950.

Cape is a trusted and respected Western Australian company that has been operating for 30 years across Australia. Expertise covers civil construction, mining services and installation and maintenance of underground utilities.

CFC Group is a unique diversified group of businesses with interests in distribution, supply chain logistics and specialised mining, infrastructure and utility services.

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Date Feb 2020
Client Dnstans Cape Joint Venture
Country Australia