Lamont & Co Brand

Q: Can you create a startup brand based on our family name?
Angle: Gold standard.

With a brief that states: ‘more corporate than artistic,’ and ‘communicate integrity, trust, reputation, credibility and discipline,’ Angle’s branding for Lamont & Co hits the nail on the head.

Andrew and Tim Lamont are twin brothers, with experienced corporate backgrounds in property and finance. Late this year they resigned from their respective jobs and decided to set up a new business that trades on the credibility of their family name.

Lamont & Co source property development opportunities, arrange capital funding and manage project delivery, creating a return on investment.

Angle has created a stylish point of difference for them. The logo is a blend of contemporary and traditional features, that lends a sharp, professional look. Launch collateral, including business cards, email signatures, e-letterhead, door signage and a website holding page, have instant credibility. A touch of metallic gold suggests quality service and solid, trustworthy investments

Date December 2013
Client Lamont & Co
Country New Zealand
Finish Digital Print +
Foil Backing