Employer brand values – the Mercy Ascot Care Project

Q: How do you get a caring organisation to care about values?
Angle: Walk the talk with clear messages.

The purpose of this internal brand values campaign for MercyAscot Hospital is to make sure that all staff understand their newly agreed vision and employer brand values. As a caring organisation, the idea is to persuade everyone to care about the vision and values and to start living them.

The success of this campaign is down to the fact that the communications are easy to understand, authentic and truthful. Managers re-presenting the messages don’t feel they are preaching or compromising their personality.

Angle designed and wrote a robust campaign and all the related collateral, including four unambiguous icons to represent the brand values: Accountability, Adaptability, Customer service and Communication.

A new take on existing typography displays the messages, a fresh, inspiring colour palette gets noticed and a unifying mark holds the campaign together.

Project completed in collaboration with Radiation.

Date April 2012
Client Mercy Ascot
Country New Zealand