RDT Pacific Proposal

Q: How should we present ourselves?
Angle: Black and white and read all over.

Since 1943, RDT Pacific have project and cost managed some of New Zealand’s most challenging and high profile property projects.

Regular new business proposals are presented to their public and private sector clients throughout the year, demonstrating the company’s skills and areas of expertise.

Angle has worked with RDT Pacific’s Directors and Marketing Coordinator to design a sophisticated, compelling new proposal template that integrates multiple types of content and allows professional presentations to be built in-house.

The comprehensive template can be exported as a PDF for digital documents, or output as print-ready artwork for printing and binding hard copies. A French folded front cover adds a touch of class to this wire-o-bound document.

Using the brand’s visual assets and its black, white and red colour palette, keeps things unmistakably RDT Pacific and allows for flexibility where needed

Date June 2014
Client RDT Pacific
Country New Zealand
Size A4 (210 x 297mm)
Finish Digital print + matt laminate and French-folded covers