Responsive website design and development for Mote

Q: How do we connect with decision makers online?
Responsive website design and development

In July 2020, Angle launched a new responsive website for Mote Limited. The website is designed to portray Mote as an innovative technology company with personality and strong connections, that provides quality assured data.

About Mote Limited

The team of experts at Mote Limited create, deploy, manage and operate precision environmental monitoring networks. Their goal is to connect decision makers with quality, relevant, real-time data that they can trust. The data that Mote provides allows their clients to make informed decisions about public health, policies and consents.

Mote’s clients include: regulators, local government, consultants, central and federal government, site operators and researchers.

Why a new responsive website?

After a few years in business, operating as AirQuality Limited, Angle re-named and rebranded AirQuality to Mote Limited. With a broader business offer, new technology and a larger, highly skilled team, their startup had grown up. The new website communicates their full offer and the full story of Mote.

Mote’s new website isn’t full of dry and complex content, like many technology companies. As a highly innovative and connected business, their website captures the essence of the Mote brand. A distinctive colour palette and a suite of custom-drawn vector illustrations really sets Mote apart from its competitors.

Down to earth language is confident and informative. Pragmatic phrases such as ‘What we do / Who we work with / What we monitor’ enables users to quickly find what they need.

Experts in responsive website design

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Date July 2020
Client Mote Limited
Country New Zealand
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