Startup brand: Green Global Solutions

Client: We add value to businesses by thinking green
Angle: People, Planet, Prosperity
Startup brand workshop

Startup brands are built using two skills: strategy and creativity. To engage the left and right brain, we kicked things off with a brand session to discover more about this new business and the team involved.

Angle guided the CEO and Associates to think openly about the brand and what it should stand for.

We asked everyone to summarise the brand using hands-on workshop techniques. An interactive PDF was sent to Associates who couldn’t attend the workshop in person. We asked: Who are you? What do you do? Why does it matter? We discussed the brand’s audience, its point of difference, competitors, relationships and more.

Startup brand strategy

Developing a brand strategy was Angle’s next task. We wrote a brand definition document, distilled from the brand workshop information we had collected.

In the definition, we expressed what drives the brand and what makes it different. We defined the brand’s personality and values and wrote a value proposition. We also created a competitor audit and a brand positioning diagram to show the space that the brand occupies relative to competitors.

This unique brand strategy gave us a starting point to visually and verbally express the brand.

Startup brand identity

The Green Global Solutions name was a given, so our starting point was logo design. The unique, custom-drawn logo is a globe symbol with the lines of latitude & longitude cleverly forming the shape of the letter G.

A simple and flexible visual system brings the brand and the business to life. Green was an obvious choice for the colour palette. The headline font has subtle flourishes on the first capital letter. The text font is clear and friendly. Team portraits are warm and engaging with everyone looking straight to camera. A flexible set of brand icons add creative possibilities and the uncomplicated language style feels factual but friendly.

Startup brand – green, all go!

The Green Global Solutions brand was launched successfully on 19th June. 70 guests from the sustainability and business community attended the launch event. As this new business gains momentum, we will be rolling out online case studies, templates for print and digital communications.

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Date June 2022
Client Green Global Solutions Aotearoa
Country New Zealand
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