Annual report design Swimming New Zealand 2016

Q: Can you deliver an inspiring annual report design?
Angle: Enjoyment, excellence and pride
Third consecutive year

The 2016 annual report design report for Swimming New Zealand is the result of Angle’s third consecutive year working with this client. Angle created a flexible and distinctive swimming cap theme in 2014. We continued to work with this visual theme during 2015 and 2016. The latest annual report design paints a clear picture of Swimming New Zealand as a well established, fresh and ambitious organisation.

Swimming New Zealand is a national sports organisation. They promote and govern swimming and help to ensure that every New Zealander swims to their potential. 2016 is their 126th AGM.

Inspiring design

The cover title ‘Inspire’ is the key word within Swimming New Zealand’s vision statement. The full vision is: ‘To inspire enjoyment, excellence and pride in swimming by all New Zealanders,.’ This becomes the focus for the current report.

Great action shots, new staff photography and info-graphics are beautifully presented with a clean page layout. An extended financial reporting section completes the mandatory content. Finished copies were presented at the Annual General Meeting at the end of September 2016 and online.

Date September 2016
Client Swimming New Zealand
Country New Zealand
Size A4 portrait (210 x 297mm) 4pp cover + 48pp text
Finish Digital print + matt laminate