Wall signage, print & digital design for Boutique Audiology clinic

Client: We need brand consistency across digital, print and signage
Angle: Hear, hear
Looking for brand consistency?

We hear you. Over the past three years, Angle has been working with Boutique Audiology and Boutique Ear Care across brand, print and digital projects to develop brand consistency. Designing characterful wall signage inside their Auckland clinic was the latest brief.

About Boutique Audiology

Boutique Audiology offers specialised audiology services for people experiencing varying degrees of hearing impairment. A recent addition to the Boutique brand is Boutique Ear Care, offering highly skilled ear cleaning services, using a microscope and microsuction.

Brand, print and digital consistency

The brand identity and website for Boutique Audiology already existed, so we created a new, related identity for Boutique Ear Care and a separate website with complimentary design, colours, features and functionality. The new business cards we designed for both teams and the new clinic signage visually connected both business together and communicated the two offers with clarity.

Friendly faces

Figurative illustrations are a friendly and distinctive asset that we introduced to the Boutique Audiology and Boutique Ear Care brands. The characters appear online, in print and most prominently, on their clinic walls, adding a touch of warmth to communications.

The signage above reception in their Auckland clinic shows a person holding a tin-can telephone. The orange ‘wire’ leads you along the wall, around the corner and into one of the treatment rooms, where you are greeted by the smiling Ear Nurse.

Professional branding inside and out

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Date March 2020
Client Boutique Audiology & Boutique Ear Care
Country New Zealand