Website design for Collaborative Consulting

Q: Will you bring the brand to life online?
Angle: Putting our heads together.

Successful website design involves collaboration between the team of client, designer and developer. At Angle, we wouldn’t have it any other way. ‘Collaborative’ is in this clients name, so the project was strategically sound and smooth-running.

Collaborative Consulting are an advice-driven partner rather than a sales-led asset manager. Their expert financial advice helps to manage emotions, not just funds, and this is their key difference.

Fresh and empowering content suggests a collaborative approach between client and adviser. The visual elements communicate the balance of personal empathy and professional logic.

And it’s not just words and pictures. John Milner, Director of Collaborative Consulting won the 2016 award for Investment Adviser of the Year, awarded on the 28th July by The Professional Advisers Association.

Date July 2016
Client Collaborative Consulting
Country New Zealand
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