Attract, Engage, Retain – a look at the world of emerging talent

2nd August 2016

What does it take to attract graduates’ attention and engage them with your brand over the competition?

Is it having a slick, mobile friendly website? Is it having a cutting edge presence on social media? Is it having a beautiful brochure? Or hosting a stunning presentation? Or making sure that you have interesting people hosting your careers expos?

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At Angle we have our opinions on the right channels and strategies to attract and engage the brightest early careers talent. And in our time, we’ve delivered some pretty amazing solutions in a host of different, stand-out ways.

But we thought that rather than just rely on our opinions, we’d check in with some key players within the word of Emerging Talent in New Zealand to give us their thoughts. Recently we asked Siobhan Warren, Graduate Experience Manager from Xero and Rob Eden, Senior HR Advisor at Deloitte New Zealand for their opinions about the right channels to engage students.

Siobhan first:

‘My initial reaction is to laugh and say, when you figure that out, please let me know! Looking at the stats, you could argue for any of those channels – except probably brochures. We’re a tech company so I’m trying to move away from those and save some trees. I think it comes down to balance and meeting the communication needs of the students you target. My preference is a great website, pushing out valuable information via social media and having genuine conversations on campus.’

You can read more about what Siobhan had to say in her appearance in the Angle Red Chair:

Rob had this to say:

‘Above anything else presenting an authentic vision of the organisation is the key to attracting grads attention. Having the right information available at the right time is key. It’s all well and good to keep a slick presence but if the content you’re pushing out isn’t engaging or relevant then it’s all for naught.

Having people at all levels of the organisation available for people to talk to is another key area. While senior leaders are a key part of any marketing you need to give perspectives from all levels, a lot of places neglect to focus on the medium term when attracting grads, i.e. what happens when you’re promoted, what keeps people working with the organisation?’

You can read more about what Rob had to say in his Angle Red Chair appearance:

As you see, there are different ways to attract and engage Emerging Talent. If you’d like to talk to an agency that understands how to design and create a campaign that uses all of those channels to help attract the talent you require, you might like to read our PDF brochure:

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Or get in touch for chat:

And of course, once you’ve attracted the right, bright Emerging Talent you absolutely need to make sure that you retain them. That’s where a robustly crafted employer brand will really help. Guess what – at Angle we do that as well. Just recently we’ve been creating a refreshed employer brand for one of New Zealand’s iconic consumer brands. We’ll be sharing that story later this year.