Angle limited graduate recruitment photo of AUT ICT Careers Fair July 2016
  • 5th August 2016

Stand and Deliver – graduate recruitment careers expo season

August is a long time since you were all consumed with the challenges of the graduate recruitment careers expo season.

Angle Limited Attract, Engage, Retain emerging talent blog image
  • 2nd August 2016

Attract, Engage, Retain – a look at the world of emerging talent

What does it take to attract graduates’ attention and engage them with your brand?

Angle Red Chair Rob Eden, Senior HR Advisor, Deloitte NZ
  • 28th July 2016

The Angle Red Chair – Rob Eden, Senior HR Advisor, Deloitte NZ

We think it’s inspiring to hear the thoughts and motivations of key players in the world of graduate and early careers recruitment.

Attracting London lawyers BLP brochure spread
  • 26th February 2016

Attracting London lawyers with an award-winning campaign

Angle’s Project Consultant Alastair McKenzie explains how he helped deliver an award-winning campaign.

Angle Red Chair Siobhan Warren, Global Graduate Experience Manager, Xero
  • 20th February 2016

The Angle Red Chair – Siobhan Warren, Graduate Experience Manager, Xero

We share the motivations of key players in the graduate and early careers recruitment world.

  • 15th February 2016

Building better relationships with Millennials: Six facts to help employers

Targeting millennials can be challenging. We’ve got six tips to help you connect.

new year, new career open door graphic by Angle
  • 9th February 2016

Employer branding – new year, new career

It’s an employer branding cliché but we don’t hear the phrase New Year, New Career for nothing.

Angle kicks off 2016 with a bang graphic
  • 9th February 2016

Angle kicks off 2016 employer branding projects with a bang

We’re really excited about 2016 and working with some big names in New Zealand and overseas.

Applying your employer brand consistently Illustration by Angle Limited
  • 26th November 2015

Same, same but different: employer brand consistency

Maximise your employer brand potential by applying it consistently to all parts of the candidate journey.

Angle Limited blog image for employer branding and the power of video article
  • 18th September 2015

Employer branding and the power of video

Video can be a great way to promote your employer brand. And it needn’t be expensive. We’ve found some great examples