Employer branding – new year, new career

9th February 2016

February is the time for a lot of people to make good on their January New Year resolutions. And for many, one of those resolutions will be to make a career move. It’s a cliché but you don’t hear the phrase New Year, New Career for nothing!

So there’s a good chance that a percentage of your employees are job searching or interviewing right now. And there’s also a good chance that you’re interviewing additional people right now as a direct result of New Year, New Career.

So now really is the time to think about getting your employer brand in shape for 2016.

Whether it’s to be defensive to help inspire and engage your employees in a meaningful way so they don’t get tempted elsewhere or whether it’s to proactively look to be front of mind when people start looking for new careers, a strategic employer brand built around a robust employer value proposition should be an essential part of your 2016 Business Plan.

At Angle we’ve helped dozens of companies in New Zealand and the UK do exactly that. And we’re working with some of New Zealand’s biggest brands right now to ensure that their employer brand is as fine-tuned and relevant as their consumer brand.

When you think about, if like us, you believe that people are your most important asset then investing in your employer brand this year could be one of the best decisions you’ve made all year. And it’s still Q1!

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