Employer branding and the power of video

18th September 2015

The old adage that a picture paints a thousand words is so true. And when it comes to employer branding, there’s nothing that does this better than video to get your message across. It makes sense when you think about it – would a prospective candidate rather read your beautifully crafted copy describing what a fun, engaging organisation you are and how beautiful your offices look. Or would the candidate rather check out a YouTube video on their phone showing people that look like him or her working hard and playing hard in beautiful surroundings. It’s a no-brainer. Video sells reality in a way that words never can and it can help the candidate you are looking to impress get a real ‘feel’ for your organisation.

The platform

The fact that your video is more than likely being viewed on a smartphone is important. After all, that device is how most candidates are likely to engage with your employer brand – through a video they’ve clicked on through your careers website. So it’s important that your site is fully optimised for mobile so all of the content is accessible. Just having your desktop site shrunk down for a phone won’t cut it these days. Plus there’s another reason – Google won’t rank you unless your site is optimised for mobile.

If your video is loaded onto a platform like YouTube you know it’ll play beautifully on any device. And as we all know there’s lots of device options out there. But the other great thing with video is, once you have it you can use it across multiple platforms:

•    Social media sites – video is perfect for sharing socially
•    Careers Fairs – video makes you stand out at any careers fair
•    Induction / Onboarding – video is a great way to set the scene at any induction or onboarding event


Video needn’t be expensive to produce. Technology is helping to drive costs down. Where once camera crews were big and cumbersome with camera operators, lighting and sound tecnicians and producers, these days it’s much more likely to be a smaller team. And cameras themselves are loaded with features but much cheaper than they used to be. So the cost is being driven down while the quality is definitely going up.

And when you consider that your video content can be edited and repackaged to be used across multiple delivery platforms it really can be the most cost-effective way to bring your employer brand to life.

Employer Brand videos we love

There are some great video examples out there that all enhance their respective employer brands. At Angle we love to keep tabs with great employer brands and great employer brand videos. Here’s some examples we love from across the globe.

USA – Twitter

Nicely cheesy, this careers video tells a story that reinforces Twitter’s fun but geeky cool employer brand:

UK – Barclays Bank

A brilliant video that uses tracking video footage with embedded hotspots – so you get a great feel for what a career in retail banking at Barclays involves:

Click here to see Barclays Virtual Tour video

New Zealand – Deloitte

We love the way that Deloitte looks to break down the stereotypes of professional services being dull and grey. This video brilliantly, and wittily tells early careers students that Deloitte is interesting in a briiliantly interactive way:

Click here to see the Deloitte New Zealand video


Deloitte have also cannily repackaged the footage to create a smart ‘applications are closing soon’ video: