Employer branding and return on investment

19th July 2015

Employer branding is increasingly impacting on the success of businesses around the globe. There are lots of stats out there to prove how a strong employer brand really can impact on the bottom line. And at Angle we’ve got lots of case studies where we’ve done just that for our clients.

But the real bottom line for most HR professionals is the need to hire and retain great people. LinkedIn recently wrote a really interesting piece around this. The world’s largest professional network chose to reveal the extent to which a poor or non-existent employer brand adversely affects the ability to hire talent.

But it’s not just the need to have a strong employer brand that will make your business stand out. It’s the way that your target audience is connecting with your employer brand that is rapidly changing. No surprises here, but it’s technology that’s driving these changes.

Consider the following facts. While some of the stats are from overseas, if they’re not in Aotearoa yet, they very soon will be:

Careers websites
“95% of all job seekers first experience with you comes via the careers section of your website.”
Bernard Hodes Group

Is your careers site enhancing or damaging your employer brand? Some simple additions like video profiles can make a massive difference to letting candidates really understand the culture of your company.

“67% of job seekers use their mobile phones every day to job search.”

It’s vitally important that you have a mobile optimised careers site. Without it you’re not only missing out on potential candidates but as of April 2015 it’s been vital to your Google page ranking.

Social media
“76% of companies choose social media to communicate their employer brand.”
Employer Branding International

Does your company use social media to enhance your employer brand, or better still, have a dedicated social media careers presence that communicates your employer brand issues? It’s not just Facebook either. Snapchat can be a great tool to help engage a Millenial audience. We’ve got a great Snapchat case study BTW.

Peer review sites
“67% of job seekers would accept a lower salary if the reviews online were positive.”

Peer-review sites like Glassdoor increasingly have a role in creating perceptions of your employer brand.

At Angle we understand these rapidly changing channels and we’ve got a great track record in helping our clients to use them. We’re passionate about the process of building great employer brands and putting in the grunt work to get the EVP framework just right. But we’re just as passionate about helping our clients engage with their audience in new and exciting ways that help to achieve real commercial benefits and deliver great ROI.

If you’d like to talk to us about how we’ve have helped our clients achieve those commercial successes click here to contact Rob Holloway or Alastair McKenzie.

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